Doctor Offices

What We Offer Physicians and their Office Staff at No Cost

Assisting you, your office staff and your patients regarding Medical ( under 65 ) and Medicare/Medi-Cal insurance plans options when asked upon

  • Taking calls, answering questions, referrals from your office - taking the burden off of your office

Providing interpretation and explanation for your clients through education that is relative to their current healthcare coverage needs

Providing resources to your patients who are or may be eligible for Medicare benefits:

  • Educating re: the definitions of Medicare Coverage, cost(s)—Part A, B, C, D and Medicare Supplements.
  • Selecting plan(s) that are most effective—coverage and costs

Assisting your patients in the actual enrollment for health care coverage once the most appropriate plan is chosen and listing you as the PCP of choice

Assisting your patients who are Medicare eligible in timely enrollment throughout the year

  • Avoid late enrollment(s)
  • Choosing the best/most cost effective Medicare Health Coverage
  • Assisting those who have a challenge with income - LIS ( Low Income Subsidy )

Assisting your office to help grow and retain your current client base We look forward to this future partnership and see a “WIN-WIN” opportunity as we work together to provide support and resources to our friends and neighbors in the beautiful city of San Diego.

We are a one stop shop